Posted on Jan 1, 2023

I’m Fredrik, I like to make things. I have a dog, her name is Maggan, she occupies most of my free time ;)

For the past 8 years I’ve worked as a software engineer at Epidemic Sound, working with pretty much everything at one point or another. We were 6 engineers when I started and today we are +100. I’ve held different positions over the years such as Tech Lead and Platform Lead for epidemicsound.com

Today I spend my time in the “Client Infrastructure” team which sits between the SRE team and the product teams working on projects that require deep technical knowledge of our platforms and infrastructure.

Some of the things I worked on, from most recent:

  • Integrated a new CDN provider along with adjustments to our web client to bring down TTFB (time-to-first-byte) greatly across the globe.
  • Migrated all our users to a new authentication system including the integration for epidemicsound.com
  • Migrated our most critical infrastructure from AWS to GCP, including moving to Kubernetes and on-line data migration.
  • Migrated all our reoccurring billing to a new provider.
  • Built support for B2B on our reoccurring billing products.
  • Architected and built our application architecture for the React web apps, including a custom system that allowed us to do a gradual migration.

Besides working on these projects, I’ve been working with most of the product focused work as well. And of-course, all of the major incidents over the years :)

You can reach me at fredrik.lindner@gmail.com